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Sustainable From Source to Shelf
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We all want to live on a vibrant and sustainable planet. To make a positive impact. To leave it better for the next generation.

At Earthgrown we believe that great tasting wine can be enjoyed by all, while preserving and appreciating the earth.

Sustainability is the heartbeat of our brand. Starting with our vineyard in Monterey, CA. Known for its long growing season, Monterey is home to our vibrant grapes, freshly picked for their dynamic flavors.

Just as important as what is IN the bottle is what is ON it. Every part of our package is carefully sourced and fully recyclable.

Inspired by the harmony of nature in our vineyard from the: wildlife, to birds, to the crop cover, and everything in between. We created Earthgrown wine with lightness and joy in mind to bring you a delicious wine to enjoy with friends.

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